Full Moon

washing away the old so that I may be freed

Blessed Full Moon

I come to you full, so l may be emptied.

releasing all that no longer serves me

washing away the old so that I may be freed

ready to receive your blessings

Words are whispered beyond my hearing

longing to hear your voice again

I will wait patiently, quietly,

listening for your wisdom

open to all that you have to offer

It was I that abandoned our connection

denied my blood and my soul

I allowed the words of others

to steal my power

to dim my fire

so it is I that begs forgiveness

returning humbled

yet empowered

I wash away the weight

of judgment

of fear

I am renewed

I hear your song

I am home

Author: Aminda

Well, that is the question, isn't it? What if I don't actually know who I am. I have things I do, things I like. but are they who I am? Who knows. But that's what I'm here to figure out. Will the real Aminda please stand up? (Not you Slim Shady) Here's how I identify right now: Peace - Love - Punk - Rainbows BoardGamePlayin SciFiWatchin' BookReadin' Doghavin' PunkRockin' Meditatin' Nerdy/Hippy/Geeky Bipolar/ADHD Humanist/Feminist/Atheist Bi-Sexual/They/Them Mama

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