Found Poetry Break – The Well

Poetry I wrote during my first round of The Artist’s Way

From a FB post Feb 12, 2021  · 

The well for so long dry

Bubbled up

A small but steady stream

First heard and not seen

Doubt clouded movement

Scarcely able to start

as dry cracked lips were licked

In hope and anticipation

Crawling at first




Closer and closer drawn

To the dry well

Finally comprehending

It was never dry

Just deep

in need of Priming

Waiting patiently for


For coaxing

For nurturing

And support

With gentle

Yet powerful


The well

Springs easily

Back to life

Author: Aminda

Well, that is the question, isn't it? What if I don't actually know who I am. I have things I do, things I like. but are they who I am? Who knows. But that's what I'm here to figure out. Will the real Aminda please stand up? (Not you Slim Shady) Here's how I identify right now: Peace - Love - Punk - Rainbows BoardGamePlayin SciFiWatchin' BookReadin' Doghavin' PunkRockin' Meditatin' Nerdy/Hippy/Geeky Bipolar/ADHD Humanist/Feminist/Atheist Bi-Sexual/They/Them Mama

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    I know this feeling, great 👍 😌

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